Sharebot FAQ

Why do I have to unmute the video each time?

Modern browsers automatically block a video from automatically playing if it is not muted. To get around this, I have been forced to make the video muted by default. When the video didn't autoplay it caused more confusion and sync issues, so I feel having it start muted is a better option.

Why does the video playback sometimes go out of sync?

This does sometimes happen, and it can be resolved by pausing and un-pausing the videos. There is no specific reason why it happens, just poor coding on my part. As I work on the project playback issues will hopefully be fixed.

The bot or the website sometimes don't work, why is this?

As this project is in active development, I frequnetly update the website and the bot. While I'm updating the live version to the latest version, it will go down for a few minutes. It's also not uncommon for me to break it in the process or introduce a new bug by accident. If something isn't working please try again a bit later on and it will most likely be fixed.

How the hell does it work?

The whole system is pretty simple, the discord bot uses the YouTube API to search YouTube for the requested video, and then once a video is selected it generates a custom link containing the ID of the video to play and the Room ID its generated. The website then splits the room ID and video ID from the URL, and loads the requested video and puts the client (you) in the requested room.

What new features do you have planned?

As hinted by the non-functional box on the sites homepage, I plan to make the website functional on its own and allow people to select videos to watch via the website. I also plan to tie this in with allowing new videos to be selected from the website, instead of having to use the bot to find new videos each time.

What else do you do?

I am student in Games Technology at Coventry University, and you check out my (Slightly outdated) portfolio here. I had the option to go into my third year of study or take a work placement year, and I decided to take the placement year but instead of working for an existing company, I chose to start my own with some friends from uni. We out currently working on our first game, Cloud Bastion, and our website can be seen here