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What is ShareBot?

ShareBot is a Discord bot that allows you to watch YouTube videos at the same time as your friends. What sets ShareBot apart from similar services is that Sharebot works via a Discord bot that allows you to quickly request a video to watch, and then generates a link for you and your friends to click on and get straight into the video.



Enter a search term in the box above to create a new room right from the website. You can then give other people the video ID and they can also join you. Please note this feature is in beta and doesn't always find the video you want. If you just get a white screen that means no results were found, and you should try a different search term.


Add ShareBot to your Discord server using the by clicking here. You can also check out ShareBot on Top.GG. It would mean a lot to me if you would go and vote for Sharebot on Top.GG.              

Think this is cool?

I started this project as I discovered no one had attempted to create anything quite like it. It has become much more popular than I anticipated it would and I plan to continue working on it and making it easier to use. I am currently a student in Games Technology, and I am also part of a small indie games company known as Campfire Games. You can check out more of my personal project here, and the website for Campfire Games here.

Get help with Sharebot

Join the Sharebot support Discord server either via the widget on the below or by clicking this link.